Advantages and Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Cost-effective

Stop investing in hardware and spending a lot of time and resources in the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Cloud Computing delivers on demand IT resources and application via the internet

2. Advantages from Massive Economies of Scale

Amazon Web Services is the most powerful, secure, stable cloud platform available used by top companies like Netflix, Reddit.com, Dropbox, Amazon.com and many more. By using Cloud computing providers like AWS, you can achieve lower pay as you go prices.

3. Scalability

You can access resources as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as required with few minutes notices. No need for more guessing on infrastructure needed.

4. Speed and Performance

New IT resources are only few clicks away and in the matter of minutes not weeks. This results in a dramatic increase in agility for the organization, since the cost and time it takes to develop is significantly lower.

5. Focus on your Business not on Infrastructure

Stop spending money on running or maintaining data centers.  Cloud Computing was built to make physical servers obsolete. Cloud computing lets you focus on what you do best, your business.

6. Go Global

Deploy your application in multiple regions around the world. This will provide better experience and lower latency for your customers while controlling the cost.

Cloud Computing vs. On-Premise Comparison

  • Hardware, Software LicensesHardware, Software Licenses
  • Annual Maintenance feeAnnual Maintenance fee
  • Customer Bears All IT Costs & RiskCustomer Bears All IT Costs & Risk
  • Capital Expenditures, UpgradesCapital Expenditures, Upgrades
  • ScalabilityScalability
  • Equipment SpaceEquipment Space
  • Regulatory Requirements (Certifications, etc)Regulatory Requirements (Certifications, etc)
  • Vulnerability, Disaster RecoveryVulnerability, Disaster Recovery
  • CommitmentCommitment
  • Security, SupportSecurity, Support
  • On-Premise

  • icon_building
  • Hardware, Software LicensesPurchase, replace every 3-5 years, ongoing maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance feeMay be additional
  • Customer Bears All IT Costs & RiskVendor / Customer shared risk & cost
  • Capital Expenditures, UpgradesLarge upfront costs
  • ScalabilityNot scalable
  • Equipment SpaceDedicated Space
  • Regulatory Requirements (Certifications, etc)High cost to meet
  • Vulnerability, Disaster RecoveryVulnerable, Requires Disaster Plan Implementation
  • CommitmentLong-term
  • Security, SupportDependent on Local Management, Expensive IT Staff
  • Cloud

  • icon_cloud
  • Hardware, Software LicensesPay for what you use
  • Annual Maintenance feeIncluded
  • Customer Bears All IT Costs & RiskVendor guarantees uptime
  • Capital Expenditures, UpgradesNo upfront costs
  • ScalabilityScalable for New Locations, Seasonality, Trends and Business Growth
  • Equipment SpaceNo Space Needed
  • Regulatory Requirements (Certifications, etc)Regulatory Compliant
  • Vulnerability, Disaster Recovery99.999% Uptime Guarantee, Inherent Disaster Plan
  • CommitmentMonth-to-Month
  • Security, SupportIncludes Encryption, Firewalls, Monitoring and 24x7 support team of AWS / Linux / Windows experts

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