Technical Support services are initiated by opening a support ticket using our web interface located at:  Use a separate ticket for each distinct support request, to ensure that the right technician is assigned. You must use the web interface to upload attachments, as they will not be processed when attached to an email.

You must open a ticket before calling in for telephone support, and provide the ticket number so that you may be properly directed to the developer or engineer responsible for your support incident. Our policy is to respond to a ticket within four (4) business hours during normal office hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 4:00pm, and 7:30am – 12:00pm on Friday, holidays excluded.

You may request non-emergency off-hours support by opening a ticket or calling a sales representative at least 48-hours in advance.

For 24/7/365 emergencies, please check the status of Dynamic’s network and services using the links below before calling emergency dispatch at: +1.949.215.1200. Emergency support is strictly limited to down equipment, servers or services affecting web sites, email or other Internet services provided by Dynamic. Emergency support may be limited at our discretion. or follow our network stats on Twitter at:

Note:  Except for emergencies and switchover events scheduled in advance, Dynamic has a strict ‘No Change Friday’ policy to prevent unscheduled last-minute changes that might disrupt customer services or require staff to remain after closing time at noon. If you anticipate scheduling an important update on Friday, or over a weekend or holiday, please discuss the specifics with a Dynamic sales or engineering representative sufficiently in advance, so that we may have the resources on stand-by to assist you if required. Failure to schedule in advance will result in charges for any ‘emergency’ off-hours services you may request.


Dynamic Concepts provides extended support services, under contract during normal business hours, to customers covered by the following support agreements (Refer to the specific contract(s) for details):

  • Strategic or Premier Reseller Agreement – For Language Resellers and Developers
  • Software Assurance for UniBasic/dL4/dynamicXport Resellers and End-Users
  • Hosting Maintenance Agreements – For WooCommerce, WordPress, Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery and e-mail
  • WordPress  Care and Maintenance Agreements – For WordPress, plugins
  • Dedicated and Virtual Server Agreements – Customers who lease our servers in our data centers
  • Co-Location Agreements – Customers who rent space in our data centers


Dynamic Concepts includes limited free support under its SLA for customers who pay monthly fees and do not have a written/executed agreement for hosting, e-mail, disaster recovery and off-site backup services. Free support under the SLA extends only to ensuring that our servers, equipment and individual services are up and running. The SLA does not create an extended support relationship for equipment or software not hosted at Dynamic Concepts, or training on how to use or configure your equipment, software or services we host for you.

Generally, free support under the SLA includes:

  • Retrieval or changing the primary login or server credentials
  • Updates to your list of authorized individuals able to retrieve or reset server credentials
  • Ensuring basic server and site connectivity for web and ftp traffic
  • E-mail servers are operational and mail can be sent or received through the web interfaces on our servers
  • DNS, when provided, is operational and properly advertising your domain information
  • DNS record changes for domains that Dynamic provides DNS services for
  • Adjusting SPAM and Virus thresholds for e-mail users
  • Resolving defects and non-development related issues with supported applications, including Kerio and ProStores.
  • Resolving operational defects with the Plesk Control Panel and authorized Plesk Applications installed and configured through Plesk (Stats, Backup, e-mail, databases, WordPress, Drupal & Magento)
  • Setting up web server re-directs; blocking undesirable IP traffic
  • Firewall configuration backups and non-VPN rule changes


  • Deploy strong passwords on all systems, web sites, ftp and e-mail accounts on public servers
  • Installing regular updates to plug-in’s, modules and customized code on your websites to prevent out-of-date or unsupported code from causing issues and hackers from gaining unauthorized access
  • Configuring e-mail services on customer’s external computers, phones or tablets
  • Control Panel Configuration of e-mail, backups and installing applications
  • Self-Training and review of on-line forums and documentation relating to hosted services, customized code, widgets, plug-in’s and applications
  • Proficient in the use of ftp and web development and publishing tools or command line editors
  • Proficient in the use, development and configuration of WordPress and other applications you deploy
  • Management, control, configuration and updates to customer installed software, code or customized development

Free support under the SLA does not include retrieving data from a backup. Customer is responsible to backup their content and e-mail on a regular basis using the backup configuration tools in the Plesk control panel. Backups can be pushed to any ftp location, or you may purchase backup space from Dynamic Concepts. You are solely responsible to backup all of your data and Dynamic shall not be responsible for any loss of data.


Depending on the type of service, customers not covered under a separate support contract may purchase technical support in 30-minute minimum increments per incident during normal business hours.

Website Maintenance: $150/hour for content or visual changes to your site

Website Development: $175/hour for programming changes, software and security updates, debugging, application support, data restoration or hacking incidents

Remote Hands: $175/hour for co-located or dedicated servers at customer request.

After Hours: 150% of the above rates apply to non-emergency, unscheduled support outside of normal business hours

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