Why choose Dynamic Concepts and AWS for your website?

Choose Dynamic Concepts and AWS for your website?

  • GLOBALLY AVAILABLE Leverage a reliable, globally available infrastructure to give your customers a responsive, low-latency web experience regardless of their location.
  • FAST TO DEPLOY Deploy your website in minutes or hours, never wait for hardware procurement or deployment.
  • FLEXIBLE & SCALABLE Ensure that your web traffic is optimally distributed with the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE Make your website more cost-effective with access to pay-as-you-go web hosting infrastructure.

Provide high-quality content to your customers with low-latency
Dynamic Concepts and AWS for your website hostingA responsive, available website is a crucial component of your business. With AWS & Dynamic Concepts you can quickly deliver websites to your customers anywhere in the world with low-latency. There is no need to purchase hardware, build facilities, or find a co-location provider. And with access to a global infrastructure footprint that spans multiple geographic regions, you can safeguard the availability of your website even in the case of rare events like natural disasters. Whether your website has 100 visitors per week or 100 million, AWS allows you to provision what you need to keep your website running smoothly.

Why should you migrate to the AWS Cloud with Dynamic Concepts today?

Why should you migrate to the AWS Cloud with Dynamic Concepts today?

  1. IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Provision the compute, storage, and memory you need to support even the most demanding workloads without hardware refreshes.
  2. AUTOMATE SCALING Set conditions that can automatically scale your capacity up and down to maintain availability and optimal resource utilization.
  3. USE THE SAME TOOLS AS ON-PREMISES Leverage existing virtual machine images and management software like Microsoft System Center and VMWare vCenter
  4. GAIN GLOBAL AVAILABILITY Access reliable, highperformance global IT infrastructure with a few clicks.
  5. SECURE YOUR DATA Protect data with 256-bit encryption, virtual isolation, identity and access controls, and more.
  6. CAPITALIZE ON PAY AS YOU GO PRICING Trade CapEx for OpEx and stop paying for resources that you don’t need.

How Attackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites

Research on March 23, 2016 by Dan Moen

On this blog we write a lot about different vulnerabilities that could lead to site compromise. In our Learning Center we go deep on a myriad of important topics related to WordPress security. Our handy checklist, for example, includes 42 items you really should be paying attention to. But surely not all 42 items are equally important, right? In today’s post we dive into some very interesting data we gathered a couple of weeks ago in a survey, letting the facts tell us what matters most.

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How much can you save by deploying the “New Standard”?


For businesses deploying on-premises Exchange, adding additional services such as email archiving and email security can be expensive and costly. But meeting the “New Standard” doesn’t have to be expensive.

When deploying Exchange in the cloud, businesses can easily offload hardware and electricity costs, reduce IT complexity and increase overall security.

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What makes up the “New Standard” for Business Email?


The ecosystem around email has changed significantly and dramatically in just the last couple of years. Huge new business risks have come to the forefront.  (if you don’t know what those risks are, read our first post of this series 5 Ways Your Email Could be At Risk

Today, there’s a “New Standard” for business email—one that requires servers to protect your business against everything from phishing attacks to legal challenges to the risks of an unpredictable climate.  To mitigate these risks, your business must embrace these three key changes to your email infrastructure:

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Maintaining WordPress Websites Comes with Challenges

Maintaining WordPress Websites Comes with Challenges

WordPress is the most popular and widely used website platform in the world.

Maintaining WordPress websites, themes and plugins comes with some challenges especially, if you are not familiar with backing up a WordPress website or keeping the WordPress installation itself up-to-date.

Sometimes an update to WordPress, plugins or themes can have undesired consequences to site functionality and may be difficult to undo particularly if the site has been customized.

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Migrate your ProStores

ProStores is shutting down on February 1, 2015

As you may already know, ebay announced that ProStores is closing down by February 1, 2015. This decision has left every ProStores customers searching for solutions and answers.

Dynamic Concepts Experience & Support

Dynamic Concepts has been a trusted reseller of ProStores for years. Dynamic Concepts have been installing, designing, customizing, and managing ProStores websites for nearly a decade. We understand what it takes to migrate your ProStores to a solid ecommerce platform painlessly. Your store will function properly, and will continue to generate revenue in no time.

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Enterprise Modernization

Leveraging Legacy Applications to improve ROI and your bottom line

While legacy applications often suffer from a perception of inflexible or archaic design, the truth of the matter is that these applications are some of the most proven, resilient, ingenious, streamlined and thin-client applications that continue to drive business into the 21st century and beyond. However, as formidable as these Legacy Applications have become, today’s end-users expect web-based  and mobile ‘app’ ease-of-use. Unbeknownst to most users however is that often a Legacy Enterprise Application is the foundation of the very mobile ‘apps’ relied upon today. Indeed, the ability to leverage a robust Legacy Application to web-based end-users should be considered a valuable asset rather than a liability. Read more

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