August 14, 2014

Migrate your ProStores

ProStores is shutting down on February 1, 2015

As you may already know, ebay announced that ProStores is closing down by February 1, 2015. This decision has left every ProStores customers searching for solutions and answers.

Dynamic Concepts Experience & Support

Dynamic Concepts has been a trusted reseller of ProStores for years. Dynamic Concepts have been installing, designing, customizing, and managing ProStores websites for nearly a decade. We understand what it takes to migrate your ProStores to a solid ecommerce platform painlessly. Your store will function properly, and will continue to generate revenue in no time.

Dynamic Concepts Plans to Migrate your ProStores

prostores-migrationDynamic Concepts is offering three options to suit your online business goals when it comes to your ProStores migration. We can migrate your ProStores to BigCommerce platform which is ebay’s recommended solution. BigCommerce includes many new features to drive business to your store, such as mobile-friendly, great marketing tools including an abandoned cart saver, built-in social media, coupon codes, sell on ebay, SEO, customer loyalty and more. BigCommerce is fully integrated with QuickBooks and offers a wide range of paid and free plugins. As a BigCommerce Solutions Partner, Dynamic remains your point of contact for support, development, migration and billing.

Dynamic Concepts also offers ProStores migration to WooCommerce which is an e-commerce component of the WordPress platform. This open-source e-commerce solution is rapidly gaining market share. Free of monthly license and transaction fees, WooCommerce has hundreds of free and low-cost plug-ins available to handle a wide-range of custom features. As an open-source product, WooCommerce is fully customizable for features not immediately available in the codebase. Dynamic will host your store on one of our shared WordPress servers, and for those with larger stores on a dedicated server.

In addition, Magento Community is an open source e-commerce solution free of monthly license fees owned by ebay. Dynamic Concepts can  migrate your ProStores to Magento Community or Magento Enterprise.


ProStores Migration

Dynamic Concepts will migrate your products, categories and customers data. Dynamic Concepts will export all of your past order history to a spreadsheet, or we can host your historical data on our online portal.

We can have your new store up and running in approximately 5-10 business days depending on the complexity of your store.

Trust Dynamic Concepts Expertize to Protect Your Online Sales and Traffic

Dynamic Concepts can quickly relaunch your store with cost effective migration and exclusive offers and services to existing ProStores customers.

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