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Maintaining WordPress Websites Comes with Challenges

Maintaining WordPress Websites Comes with Challenges

WordPress is the most popular and widely used website platform in the world.

Maintaining WordPress websites, themes and plugins comes with some challenges especially, if you are not familiar with backing up a WordPress website or keeping the WordPress installation itself up-to-date.

Sometimes an update to WordPress, plugins or themes can have undesired consequences to site functionality and may be difficult to undo particularly if the site has been customized.

Dynamic Concepts Inc. is now offering:

  • Managed WordPress Services for shared Hosting Accounts – $75 per month
  • Managed WordPress Services for dedicated-server Accounts – $100 per month


  • WordPress Backups/Updates/Security – Maintain WordPress security, integrity and uptime.
  • Plugins/Themes Maintenance – Keep plugins up-to-date, and ensure site integrity when updates occur.
  • Install Wordfence Security – Monitor and update Wordfence security notifications. Paid Wordfence subscription is included ($39/year value).
  • Install and regularly update Clam Anti-Virus software.

If your WordPress and plugins need updates, contact us today and let our expert web team handle your updates for you.

Contact our web development team today at 949 215-1200 to discuss your website needs.

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